One Stop Centre For Your Little One

LanalunaSG was inspired by the arrival of our first born back in late 2017. Being first time parents, we were excited, but at the same time a little clueless on what to expect of the journey that we were going to experience with our little one.

The first 6 months of your child’s diet is highly encouraged to stick to only milk. And what better milk than to feed your child with your own breast milk. As muslims, we understand why breastfeeding is highly encouraged. We were so eager in wanting to breastfeed our child as we wanted to strengthen the bond between the mother and the child, and at the same time, boost up our child’s immunity. 

But it wasn’t just about the mother and child during their breastfeeding years. Husband plays an important role during these times in terms of providing moral support and encouragement. Remember that your wife and child needs you, not only financially but also emotionally. 

The anxiety and excitement of wanting the very best for your child is something only parents can relate to. We wanted our child to consume as healthily as possible, but at the same time, able to enjoy some of the flavours without having to introduce junks at a very young age. No doubt there are a few options off the shelf, but to find something that is halal, or even vegan friendly was a challenge for us. It was something that we could not grasp immediately should we need it in quick time. We ended up shopping for our baby’s food across the border instead, and that was how we came across all these different variety of types and brands, that is not only halal, but exclusively made for babies.

So here we are, today, with all these products in hand, carefully selected over the years and ready to be of service to you, and your little one.